The Church's Role In The War On Truth

This study is based on the sermon titled The Church's Role In The War On Truth
 by Matthew Maher below. This sermon is part of our First Timothy series.

Sermon Study

In Paul's defense of the Gospel, he addresses the conduct within the house of God, emphasizing the importance of aligning one's life with the standards set by the Gospel. The church, described as the assembly of the living God, serves as the pillar and ground of truth. This goes beyond the physical structure of a building; it refers to a living organism called out by God. The church, in following the life of God, is entrusted with supporting and upholding the truth, not merely speculating about it. The call is not for the church to question, "What is truth?" but to steadfastly support and defend the truth, becoming defenders rather than pretenders.

The church's role as the pillar and ground of truth is pivotal in the face of a world that challenges and distorts reality. The church is not meant to be popular but a pillar that stands firm. Paul's summary in 1 Timothy 3:16 encapsulates the essence of the church's existence, from the revelation of God in Christ to the ultimate salvation and ascension. It is a call for the church to remain faithful, actively upholding and proclaiming the truth in a society where truth is under attack. The foundation of the church is not determined by its size, fellowship, or popularity, but by how faithfully it handles the Word of Truth.

Discussion Questions

  • How do Paul's descriptions of the church (house of God, church of the living God, pillar, ground of truth) guide our understanding of the form and function of the church in upholding the Gospel?

  • Reflecting on the purpose of a pillar, in what ways are you actively contributing to upholding and proclaiming the truth in your life, marriage, and family? How can the truth of God's Word support and uphold these aspects of your life?

  • Considering the global challenges to truth in governmental and educational systems, how can the church remain faithful in cultures that oppose truth? Specifically, how is God prompting you to stand firm as a pillar and foundation of truth in your community?

  • Explore the significance of the ancient Christian hymn mentioned in 1 Timothy 3:16. How does the message of God incarnate align with the role of the church in manifesting Christ to the world today?


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