Continue learning & growing through classes.

Classes are a way for you to educate yourself about the church, practical ways to use your faith, & more.

What are classes and how are they different from groups?

Groups are a long-term commitment; you do life with the people in your groups. Classes are a short-term, curriculum-led meeting that usually lasts for a set amount of weeks. Classes are meant for you to join on top of being in a group so that you can learn or grow in a specific area of your life.
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What classes do we regularly offer?

Classes run on individual schedules set by that specific class. Usually the meetings are once a week for a set number of weeks. Below you'll find more information on the types of classes we offer or will be offering in the future.

Landmark 101
This class is meant for anyone & everyone, no matter how long you've been part of our church, to take. The 101 class primarily highlights the topic of community/belonging and what that looks like at Landmark church. It's a basic class that will educate you on who we are, what our mission is, and how you can be part of that. Whether you want to serve, work towards a leadership position, or be further engaged at our church, this is your first step to do those things! Landmark 101 is a 1 session class and is a pre-requisite to taking Landmark 201.