Spiritual growth happens in groups.

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Discipleship Groups
The first step we want everyone to take is to join a discipleship group. This is the primary way you will grow in your knowledge of the Word while also cultivating meaningful relationships within the church. We want you to be committed to one discipleship group at a time.
Support Groups
This group type is a blend of community and discipleship, with an emphasis on healing from an array of issues including sexual abuse, addiction, divorce, and more. This group type features some existing recovery groups and we hope to add new ones in the near future.
Activity Groups
Activity groups create space for us to find family and experience God through the things that interest you. Whether it’s running, surfing,  reading, or any other activity, there's opportunity for you to start & lead a group! This group type is brand new and we're excited to see how you engage with other believers through this medium.

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Leading a group could be your next step in how God wants to use you in this local body. We are always looking for individuals to take the initiative to start and lead a new group or champion an existing one.

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