Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.

Reach & teach the Good News of Jesus Christ

Landmark supports full-time missionaries, but we know that only some feel called to this. Therefore, since we consider short-term mission opportunities vital to the growth of our church body, we devote time and resources toward reaching beyond our local borders of ministry. We support and encourage those who want to take this step of faith and bring Jesus’ Good News to the greater reaches of our nation and the world, and “go and make disciples.”

Missions are made possible by your support.

Faithfully supporting over 17+ missionaries (both local and international) is only possible through your prayerful giving. If you are feeling led, and believe in our mission, we invite you to support our missionaries by giving toward our missions fund. If you are a missionary in need of support, please click or tap the "Request Support" button and fill out the form.

Looking to take action yourself?

Join our Lost + Found ministry that has local outreach opportunities in Atlantic City and beyond.