Gerber & Michelle Perez

Mission Impact/Healthy Communities

When Gerber was 16, he went on a short-term mission trip with his father and while there he heard a message from a local pastor asking, “If we died today, where would we go?’ Gerber wasn’t sure of his answer and so as they were traveling back in the car he prayed along with his father and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. After various trips accompanying his father to Ixcan, Guatemala, he could see that God was placing a call on his life to work beside the people in this area. For five years, he taught in Mission Impact’s partner schools and traveled to Ixcan whenever he could. God was opening many doors for Gerber to return time after time and during this time, a love was growing in his heart for the people there. In 2007 he began to dedicate his time to full time ministry in Ixcan and other communities in the western part of Guatemala, as well. Gerber married Michelle Acker in November 2011. They have 4 children: a daughter, Elena, and three sons, Mateo, Joaquin and Javier. Gerber and Michelle are reaching into the hearts of communities, helping them to identify their problems and deciding on how to solve them while modeling Christ’s love through what they do.


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