We're stronger when we work together.

Fulfilling part of our mission.

Our mission is rooted in the conviction that we are called to seek out the lost and nurture the found. However, we recognize that as a ministry, our resources may not encompass every need in this world, marred by brokenness. In our pursuit of advancing the Kingdom and extending our reach to communities beyond our immediate network and capabilities, we forge meaningful partnerships with select ministries. These collaborations enable us to broaden our impact and align with God's work in diverse corners of the globe.

Our Partners

Jehovah Jireh

Mustard Seed Orphanage

Jehovah Jireh Mustard Seeds is a children's home in the Maboela Village, in Qwa Qwa, South Africa, that houses over 75 children and focuses on sharing the hope of the Gospel. It's main goals are to provide physical and spiritual support to the children.

We partner with Jehovah Jireh, through our giving, to provide meals & medicine for the children & families in the orphanage.

Our team also takes missions trips to visit the children, be a helping hand, and share the Gospel.

Landmark Bible College & India Outreach

Jehovah Jireh's supports 17 tribal pastors as they share the gospel in their tribal villages. We partner with Landmark Church in providing food and supplies to the villages where these pastors live.

The pastors we support have reached countless of unreached people for the Gospel in tribal villages in India. Working with Landmark, we have raised funds & distributed food & water to those in need throughout India. By supporting our brothers & sisters in India, we have helped strengthen their local churches & faith.

We also support missions around the nation and globe.

The Great Commission incorporates the need for both domestic and international outreach & missions. Use the button below to learn more about our missionaries.