State of the Church (January 2024)

On Wednesday, January 17th, we not only had our very first Wednesday midweek gathering, but we also kicked it off with our State of the Church meeting. State of the Church is our bi-annual gathering where we highlight key achievements in the past months and/or calendar year, give an update about what's currently happening in the ministry, and bring our people into where we're headed.

In this post, there are two ways for you to get the scoop about what was discussed.
  1. Watch the State of the Church (here & below).
  2. Download the digital copy of the booklet that highlights some (but not all) of the info discussed.
Although the worship team's achievements weren't highlighted in the presentation, you can click here to see what they accomplished in 2023.

Download the Digital Booklet for State of the Church

One notable update for real estate, other than the progress update for the cafe, was the announcement of our new Family Life building. You can find the announcement video below.
This meeting is best summarized by Matthew Maher's, lead pastor and one of Landmark's elders, words in his introduction letter that can be found in the digital copy of the booklet:

"Dear Church Family,

As the year begins and we look backwards with thanksgiving and forward with anticipation, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your generous support and active involvement in our church community. Your contributions of time, talent, and treasure have been instrumental in our shared efforts to advance the Kingdom of Christ on earth as it is already established in heaven.

As we walk together as a body, let's not only celebrate the blessed state of the church but also emphasize the importance of transparency and integrity in the way we are to steward what the Lord has entrusted to all of us. It is crucial that we maintain open communication and uphold the highest standards of honesty and accountability. This commitment ensures that our
resources are used efficiently and ethically, fostering trust among our many members and the broader ministry.

With that being said, we are providing this annual report to offer transparent insights into our church's financial and operational aspects. This report aims to keep everyone informed about the allocation of resources, ensuring a shared understanding of our collective impact and

Thank you for your ongoing support, and let's continue working hand in hand unto the glory of God as the Lord continues to bless us on this sacred mission, to reach the lost and teach the found.

On Behalf of the Elders,
Matthew Maher
Pastor | Landmark Church"

Do you like seeing what God is doing through this ministry?

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